Visleyn Lopez

Meet Visleyn: She is a 31 year old wife and mother of 2 (Damian and Jesus). Visleyn was diagnosed with Stage 1 Cervical Cancer in April 2015. She is currently preparing for surgery in mid May. To offer her family some financial support towards her medical expenses click the button below:

Vivian Roca de La Peña

Meet Vivian: She is a 52 year old wife and mother or 2. She has 2 grandchildren. Vivian was diagnosed with Invasive 2B Breast Cancer in November of 2014. Her tumor was over 5 cm. but fortunately had not spread to her lymph nodes. To support Vivian through a donation towards her chemo treatments click the button below:


Ladies Uplifting Those In Need


CANCER DOVES are the people diagnosed with cancer. We support and work with our cancer doves to help them get through their diagnosis and their treatment.