In April of 2010, my father was diagnosed with Stage 4 Liver Cancer. It was unbelievable to know that this disease had made it to my family, because one always thinks it won't happen to me or my loved ones. After numerous doctors appointments and trying to weigh out all options, we felt there was some hope. Unfortunately in November, just 2 days after my father's 55th birthday, he was hospitalized, and the word hospice surfaced. The worst part was accepting there was nothing more that could be done. On November 23, 2010 my father lost his battle with cancer.

The experience of losing my father has had a tremendous impact on my life in many ways. It has made me want to offer support to people affected by cancer, reach out and offer hope to them and their families. I believe we are all connected. I do believe in positive energy and this is why our organizations mission is so dear to my heart. I believe in the power of prayer and in putting good out into the world and in taking care of each other. People affected by cancer can have hope, can be loved. My mission is to prove that.


Our Experience with Cancer

At the age of 19, my best friend Diana was diagnosed with Leukemia. This was the first time I was introduced to the world of cancer. My friends and I were all too young to realize the graveness of this disease. It was two years into her fight to live that she was taken from us. It’s been years since Diana passed away but not a day goes by I do not think about her & the impact her life and fight had on me. In November of 2014, my mother Vivian was diagnosed with stage 3 breast cancer. She was told she needed to have surgery immediately. My life once again was rattled and this time I was less prepared than before. I already had gone through the loss of a friend and in my mind I thought this was my mother’s end as well. I am thankful to God I am able to share with you all that my mother caught her cancer on time & has been going through Chemo treatments to prevent its return. She will be done with treatments in the Summer of 2015 and God willing she will be a survivor.

These experiences have made me realize how many other families out there are battling with this very same situation. Some are far less serious than others but overall very scary & uncertain of the future. I want to be able to help ease some of the worries and give more information and education about cancer and how if treated on time there is hope. Being the daughter of a Cancer patient is very difficult, I feel useless at times & inadequate but I also see how the simple things in life are what makse my mom smile & bring her hope for a brighter future.


Wendy Lutin (left) Maria Lutin Lakhansingh (right)


Ladies Uplifting Those In Need